A Midwesterner’s Journey


H. S. Peacock

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This story is the life of a boy from Monmouth, a small college town in northwestern Illinois. It was written primarily for the benefit of my descendants and thus includes some family history dating back to the sixteen hundreds. Primarily, however, this narrative illustrates the vast opportunities our great country provides to so many of its people.

Chapters on Summer Jobs, Fun Times, Mistakes and Learning, and Networking should be helpful to anyone. The chapter on Philanthropy should be considered seriously by all readers. The chapter on Investing illustrates a philosophy that has served me well for many years. For those who love the outdoors, chapters on Mount Hope, Crane Lake, and even The Early Years should be enjoyable reading. It is my hope that this story will be of benefit to parents in guiding their children from childhood through their early years and on to productive, worthwhile, and rewarding lives.


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