Abigail & Rumpus (The Green Dinosaur)


Patricia Beth Rodgers, Illustrator: Sarah Akers

Patricia Rodgers was born in central Texas and grew up in a family of storytellers. Remembering how special she felt as a child weaving her own name into an adventure story, Patricia began composing a story for each of her grandchildren. This trilogy shows the way three children from the same military family handle their father’s deployments to foreign lands and the necessary moves from one military base to another. Rodgers believes the most important part of growing up is learning to accept that God is always beside you.


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Life is tough when you’re four years old and your daddy is a soldier fighting in a far-away war. But Abigail finds a way to be brave when her grandmothers create a dinosaur costume using magical thread. With the dinosaur snapped to her green pajamas, she promptly names him Rumpus. Although Abigail’s own ears don’t hear as well as other children’s, she quickly discovers that only she can hear the dinosaur’s deep voice.

Together they begin a year-long exploration of her grandparents’s Texas ranch, where their adventures include bottle feeding a baby calf, learning the proper way to call an elk, and finding a suitable tail for a tailless monkey. Singing “Jesus Loves Me” gives the two friends courage while meeting a room full of wild animals. Explaining to Rumpus that Dear Lord is always with us, even though He is invisible, helps Abigail be brave.

But will her friendship with Rumpus, and her belief in the Dear Lord be strong enough to comfort Abby the entire twelve months her daddy is away?


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