Pok’along in the Land of No Return


Eddie F. Browning is also the author of Pok’along in the Land of Noso, Pok’along in the Valley of the Digadoos, and Pok’along in the War with Tarifess.

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A mountain within the Land of Noso is coming to life. Pok’along, Ground Hog, Charlie, and Hoot once again accept the challenge to set things right. Their mission is to return to the Land of Noso and save it from total devastation. There’s just one problem. To succeed, they must enlist the help of their old foe, Tarifess.

Can they really control Tarifess? Can Pok’along and his friends figure out what’s wrong with the mountain within Noso? Can it be stopped from destroying both Noso and the Valley of the Digadoos? The door into Noso is a one-way door. Can they find a way back, or are they really entering “the Land of No Return?”


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