Pet Boy! Where Are You?


Barbara O’Barr

Barbara O’Barr has written three books in the Hearing Ear Dog Series, including Max a Hearing Ear Dog, Pet Boy, Can You Hear Me?, and Pet Boy! Where Are You?

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Max lay under the abandoned car in the litter-strewn, weed-infested backyard of the strangers, thinking about the events that led to his present situation. He was hungry, tired, and sore. These people and the yard were nothing like his home with his Pet Boy and family, nothing at all. In his family, everyone loved and respected each other, while these people seemed to not care about anything or anyone, especially him. He could not understand why they would not let him go home, but kept him trapped in this long-neglected, walled-off prison of a yard.

Max’s day had begun innocently enough with him trying to impress his Pet Boy by taking himself for a walk. Now, he lay there, dirty and confused, and whispered aloud, “Pet Boy, where are you?”

Clayton was saddened at having to take Joey to the airport after a long, fun-filled summer of adventure, mayhem, and self-inflicted troubles, but was looking forward to seeing his best buddy Max when he got home. Little did he know more trouble was brewing that would lead to many heartbreaking days for the entire family.

Come join Max, Clayton, the original cast of characters, and a few new ones, as the adventures of Max a Hearing Ear Dog continues.


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