Pok’along in the War with Tarifess

Eddie F. Browning

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Join Pok’along and friends in this third book of the series as they face the evil Tarifess in an effort to protect and help their newfound friends: the Digadoos and Poto People.

Pok’along, Ground Hog, Charlie, and Hoot are on their way home from the Land of Noso when they hear of an evil plot to destroy the Poto community, a small and defenseless people living at the south end of the forest. Together with the Digadoos, they prepare for war. But it isn’t until they make friends with an unlikely ally that they discover the true secret of victory and the power of friendship.

Pok’along in the War with Tarifess shows that by working together, dangers can be faced, problems solved, and friendships can grow to last a lifetime.

All three books in the Pok’along and Friends series are ideal for reading to small children and carry a positive message of friendship.

Books one and two of the series are Pok’along in the Valley of the Digadoos and Pok’along in the Land of Noso.


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