The Magical Paths to Mystical Park


Aaron Kernes

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Iram: The path from Europe. Far in the distance from his family’s farm Iram can see the mountains, the forest, and the ocean. He dreams of exploring them. Although Iram feels trapped on the farm, he and his dog will have an adventure far beyond anything he’s ever dreamed.

Dacia: The path from South America. The surrounding jungle and the creatures within fascinates a young girl living in a small village. As she listens to the sounds of the night she also watches the mystery of the stars above. She wonders what it would be like to fly among them.

Jomari: The path from Africa. A boy yearns to be a hunter like the men of his tribe. He secretly enters the jungle and takes the opportunity to prove himself. He learns the meaning of respect, trust, being trusted, and certainly proves his bravery.

Ramaru: The path from Asia. A young, talented boy who loves art, music, and writing has inherited his mother’s creativity and his father’s wisdom. He stumbles upon a wonderful and magical world beyond his expectations . . . and imagination.

Mac: The path from North America. A boy who likes being tough and picking fights learns the consequences of cruelty by going back in time and seeing how hurtful cruelty can be. He learns the importance of family, kindness, and change while sharing a bond with the other children.

This is your invitation to join five children from five different continents. Each takes the first step onto an undiscovered path that leads to an unfamiliar place. Once arriving at their final destination they share an adventure and discover an unbelievable truth about themselves, far beyond their imaginations . . . in a magical place called Mystical Park.


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