The Unfortunate Crack in the Universe: A Wheezy Tweet Adventure


Ralph Bourne is currently retired after teaching special education for twenty-seven years. He is married with five grandchildren. Beyond the Wheezy Tweet books, Bourne has also written musicals, including Fearless Dick, Moses Leads the Children, and Calliope.

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Her real name is Mariah, but she has asthma and a hoarse voice, so everyone calls her Wheezy. Wheezy is an abandoned child, left at her grandfather’s trailer by parents who simply disappear one day (Wheezy thinks they were taken by aliens). When her grandfather’s crop duster plane crashes (Wheezy was flying), she is sent to a care home to be under the thumb of the tyrannical Velma Bodely.

Meanwhile, she attends Hope Special Day School (called “Hopeless Day” by many), because she is different. For example, she finds walking and learning difficult, she has seizures, she hears strange voices, and worse—she sometimes sees monsters no one else sees. In fact, people think she’s crazy. She often thinks she is crazy too, until she realizes she is not the only person who sees what she sees. Maybe she isn’t crazy?

With the help of some new friends, Wheezy finds the universe has been torn, and she is one of the few who can see the result—everything is messed up. She realizes it is now up to her and her friends to save the universe. She isn’t sure she is up to the task. “How can I save the universe? I’m still in bonehead math.” But no matter what obstacles confront her, Wheezy Tweet will always try her best.


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