Mia and the Missionaries


Patricia Rodgers was born in central Texas and grew up in a family of storytellers. Remembering how special she felt as a child weaving her own name into an adventure story, Patricia began composing a story for each of her grandchildren. This trilogy shows the way three children from the same military family handle their father’s deployments to foreign lands and the necessary moves from one military base to another. Rodgers believes the most important part of growing up is learning to accept that God is always beside you.

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Six-year-old Mia misses her daddy who is serving in the military and deployed to Africa. While at Camp Gecko at her grandparents’ ranch in central Texas, she learns about Africa and imagines waving to her daddy as she rides around in the safari’s Ranger.

The best part about Camp Gecko is the new friends she makes — children from a family of missionaries to Africa! She learns of the hardships of missionary life while they inform people about God. Thankful the seven campers are only pretending to be in Africa, they go bowling, act in funny skits, make animal-shaped cookies, catch frogs, and go on treasure hunts. Also while at camp, Mia beats everyone in shooting wild game and helps discover an escaped lion hiding in the barn. While she is having so much fun at Camp Gecko, what does Mia forget about? How does her brother, Thomas, help her understand that everything will be okay?


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