Divorce in Peace: Alternatives to War from a Judge and Lawyer


John and Laura Roach

With over forty years of experience in divorce cases, John and Laura Roach know the damage a divorce can cause individuals, families, and kids. The damage is emotional and financial. John and Laura have spent their careers, as lawyers and a judge, trying to help couples avoid the pitfalls of high conflict divorces. Divorce in Peace is their attempt to reach out to more couples who are contemplating or going through a divorce and explain the various, proven alternatives to a divorce war. It is John and Laura’s sincere hope that they can minimize the negative effects of divorce on families. They are confident you will be better educated about the divorce process after reading Divorce in Peace. You owe it to yourself, your kids, and your finances to find a better way.

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Before you and your spouse lawyer up, turn your family and finances upside down, and prepare for war, take a deep breath and learn about what your alternatives are to all-out war. Divorce in Peace revolutionizes the ways couples approach divorce by:

  • Explaining the family law court system
  • Describing in detail the alternatives to fighting in court
  • Providing unique insight and perspectives from a judge who has presided over 10,000 divorce cases and a lawyer who has represented clients in and mediated thousands of family law cases
  • Giving couples a complete analysis of how to best resolve family law disputes outside of court regardless of how contentious the issues are


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