Your Guide to Assisted Living in Arizona: What You Should Know before Placing Your Loved One


Tammy Burns

It is an unusual woman with an unusual passion for people who would be willing to raise her children in a foreign land and then return home to build a business from zero for the sake of serving others. Tammy and her family spent seven years working for a nonprofit agency, training leaders in Brazil and around the world, before returning to Tucson, where she has poured herself into learning what it takes to run a business and take care of vulnerable adults at the highest possible level. Since 2004 she and her family have established three of Tucson’s finest assisted living homes. It is out of this passion for excellence and love for people that Tammy continues to work to raise the standard in all aspects of senior care and provide information and resources to seniors and those who care for them.

Russels Burns

Russell’s passion for ensuring quality of life for the elderly has led him to become a leading voice in senior care in Southern Arizona. Through his experiences as a pastoral leader to many diverse cultures around the world, he gained a unique perspective on how people should be treated in their final season of life. Today, he and his wife, Tammy, have established Arizona Homestead Long-Term Care Solutions, Inc., an ever-expanding senior resource company. He also hosts a radio show called the Care Connection Senior Show. Russell believes strongly in giving back to the community. He does this by participating in a number of organizations. He’s currently a member of the Rincon Rotary Club, the board of trustees for St. Luke’s Home (which provides housing for low-income seniors), and the Alzheimer’s Association’s regional board of directors.

Cindy Abrams

Cindy never planned to become a nurse; she was headed for a promising career in retail. Then her grandmother told her she had to become a nurse because she never wanted to go to a nursing home! Now, thirty-plus years later, Cindy enjoys being a champion for quality senior care. In addition to owning an assisted living home, Cindy’s company provides care management and other services to the elderly and their families. She is very passionate about ensuring that seniors receive quality care, not only in the assisted living arena but in nursing homes and hospitals as well. Toward this end, she provides educational presentations to the public and professionals on important topics for the elderly and serves as a nurse advocate for her clients.

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“I highly recommend Your Guide to Assisted Living in Arizona as an excellent in-depth and practical review for anyone contemplating long-term care for their loved ones. It is an essential resource, particularly for people who find themselves undertaking this daunting task with little preparation or warning.

–Lawrence Housman, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Tucson

“This is a fantastic tool for individuals and their families as they transition to an assisted living environment. It is the most comprehensive and thoughtful publication on the topic that I have come across in my geriatric medical practice — a must have!”

–William Martz, MD, Chief Medical Officer,Triad Medical Group, Tucson

“As one who has entrusted my own mother to Russell and Tammy’s care, I can vouch for their credibility as ones who understand the system from the inside out. Their years of hands-on experience come through loud and clear in this book. The book gives a sense of immediacy to a subject we prefer to think about later or not at all. Absolutely necessary reading for just about anyone but especially ‘boomers’ — for themselves and their loved ones.”

–Richard P. Marcello, MD, Desert Eye Associates

Finding care for a loved one can be overwhelming. This book offers you a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to determining what option best meets your need and what to expect once you make your choice. It not only discusses assisted living, but also other care options that can help supplement care in the assisted living setting. If you’re caring for a loved one you need this book!


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