Becoming a Morauske: A Journey Through Time


I have always been a curious person regarding the history of my family and did not realize what I was getting into during the writing of this book. At first, I thought it might be an outline of what I know. That grew to be a very interesting history of what was occurring in the Slavic countries during the 1700–1900 time period. I hope all who read this book will enjoy a journey through time about one clan—the Morauske Clan. It was an opportunity to stimulate your own curiosity about your personal heritage and where it leads you. If there was an extension to this book, it would engage the DNA linkages for this clan that would go back thousands of years. I do not plan to make those links.

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My starting point is going back to Gyorgy and Erzebet Moravszky living in Circa in the early 1700s. Those reading this book may still be in this particular Clan if their name is Morauszky, Morawszky, Moravszky, Morauski, or Morauske. This surname is the beginning, but this tree has many branches. Most current families attached to this group are Ondrejka, Ondris, Olson, Sopha, Selk, Banfe, Banfi, Mihaly, and hundreds more.

My personal family adds the following families: Boreen, McKnight, Douglas, Mckinze, Wells, Buscher, Schar, Helfer, and Fedrich. One can see how extensive this can become as we begin to include the 50 first cousins and the 100 second cousins from the CORE group. If you are not related, then just enjoy this historical journey from Circa to Austria-Hungary to America—a journey through time.


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