Thomas’ Little Light


Patricia Rodgers was born in central Texas and grew up in a family of storytellers. Remembering how special she felt as a child weaving her own name into an adventure story, Patricia began composing a story for each of her grandchildren. This trilogy shows the way three children from the same military family handle their father’s deployments to foreign lands and the necessary moves from one military base to another. Rodgers believes the most important part of growing up is learning to accept that God is always beside you.

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Five-year-old Thomas has a lot to complain about. Not only has his father left him in charge of a house full of girls while fighting the war in Iraq, but Thomas also has growing pains in his legs that awaken him in the middle of the night. Then he has an added fear when he overhears his mother talking about moving far away from their grandparents’ Texas ranch to live in a city called El Paso.

How can they leave the ranch they love to be around city kids who don’t know anything about country things? How can he leave his grandparents who need his help? And, how will his sisters Leah, Abby, and Mia, react when they find out they must move into a neighborhood on an Army base?


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