Every Man Sees You Naked: An Insider’s Guide to How Men Think


David M. Matthews

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Employing equal measures of wit and wisdom, Emmy Award-winning composer/writer/producer (The Young and the Restless, The Nanny, Half & Half) David M. Matthews leads you on an amusing yet highly informative journey through the seamy underbelly of the male mind. Shameless in its honesty and lacking any pretext of political correctness, Every Man Sees You Naked explodes the myths about men and answers the questions you’ve been dying to ask…but didn’t quite know how.

Among other things, this book will reveal:

  • The disconcerting truth about why guys ask you out
  • The surprising things men like and what they really hate
  • What men truly look for in a woman
  • What guys secretly want in bed
  • How to understand what a man is actually saying
  • What motivates guys to behave in the odd way they do
  • The “dirty little secrets” the men in your life are keeping
  • Who “man’s best friend” really is (and no, it’s not you, the dog, or the TV remote)
  • Why almost everything you believe to be true about men…isn’t

Finally the truth is just a few page turns away. So, why are you still wasting time reading this description?


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