Power Parent


CHRISTINA RONDEAU is a champion kickboxer, a training guru, and the founder of Rhode Island-based Rondeau’s Kickboxing. She recently released a fitness kickboxing video, and her second book on safety, Power Parent, will be available soon. Christina was recently chosen to appear on The World Combat League, a new television show created by Chuck Norris. Please visit her website at www.rondeauskickboxing.com for more information.

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Every parent knows that the world can be a dangerous place, but many of us don’t know how to protect our children from the people who will hurt them—or teach them how they can protect themselves. In Power Parent, professional self-defense instructor Christina Rondeau offers practical advice on what we need to do to ensure our kids’ safety:

  • Talking to your kids about danger without scaring them
  • Who is and is not a stranger
  • Identifying potentially dangerous adults
  • Self-defense against abductors
  • And much more


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