Freddie the Fish


Francis Wolcott

Francis Wolcott is a businessman, entrepreneur, journalist, and songwriter who currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. A graduate of Ithaca College with a BS degree in Business Administration. Mr. Wolcott grew up in a family of nine children and has 5 grandchildren who are the inspiration for this book.

About the Illustrator

Melissa Warner Bailey is an artist who currently resides with her husband Bryan in York, Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Sayre High School and Mansfield University where she earned her Bachelors degree in Art in 1991.

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“Freddie the Fish” is a 5-minute storybook your children will have you reading over and over to them and, as they grow in age, will soon be reading to you. Growing up and exploring their world can be a wonderful thing knowing that home is a place they can always come back to with Mommy and Daddy there to greet them.


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