A New Friend


Carol Giacomucci

Author Carol Giacomucci has been an educator for over twenty years. An avid cyclist, she also enjoys crocheting, baking, and reading. Carol resides in Arizona with her husband, Mark. Other books written by Carol include Thoughts from Within: A Poetry Journal and A New Home.

Illustrator Lisa G. McEntee currently resides in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, with her husband, her four teenage children, and Ellie, the family cat. Her hobbies include gardening, painting, hiking, and camping. She is currently taking art classes at a local art center. This is her first book of illustrations.

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A new creature appears on the ranch and Precious is not sure if she wants to share her home with him. But, after one night, Miss Katy, the old rooster, and Precious are sure they found a new friend.


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