Acupuncture for Your Soul: A Collection of Life-Changing Aha! Moments


Rae Jacob

An exciting eightieth birthday gift to herself, Acupuncture for Your Soul was given to Rae Jacob as an inspired directive not to be ignored! Soul level inspiration communicated through the authentic stories of contributors is balm for the spirit and neither gender nor age specific.

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Acupuncture for Your Soul is a gift of uplifting, amazing moments, of connection—to know that whatever we feel, whatever our personal experience may be, that we are not alone! We are all interconnected. The purpose of these heartfelt, honest stories is to offer:

  • empowerment
  • encouragement
  • consolation
  • inspiration
  • laughter
  • love

and the motivation, courage, and sanctuary to write your own life changing experiences, your own Acupuncture for Your Soul.

What are your Aha! Moments?


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