Spiritual Eyes: Seeing the Truth of Reincarnation


Numa Jay Pillion

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Numa Jay Pillion was three when he first learned of death—that we eventually die, and our bodies are put into the ground to be consumed by worms. The idea depressed him to the point that he attempted suicide on two occasions.  If life was going to end, he wanted to get it over with. An inner presence caused him to hesitate, however, and he eventually decided to accept life for what it would offer.

At twenty-six, Numa’s landlady told him about reincarnation. From that moment on, his spiritual learning never ceased. He studied theosophy, became a member of the Rosicrucian Order, attended Unity Church services, and studied spiritualism, hypnosis, the power of the mind, and the works of Edgar Cayce. He did not restrict himself to any one school of thought. Perhaps his learning was the result of divine guidance; perhaps he was just eager to learn.

Now eighty-one years of age, Numa passes on some of what he has learned in this book. He hopes that in doing so, he’ll save people from the pain he suffered when he believed that death was the end of everything. Fear of death is a negative force that holds us back, causing us to live a negative, even hostile existence. Take the fear out of death, and we can begin to live a fuller life.

To those who follow the light within, the Bible states, By your faith be it unto you. To those with spiritual eyes, the answer is, When the pupil is ready, the master appears.


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