Can Reincarnation and “Near Death Experiences” Be Christian?


After seven books chronicling her Christian walk with the living Savior, Patricia Hofer thought she was done writing. But the Lord apparently had a different plan. These “what ifs” are the focus of Hofer’s eighth book and of her original and compelling research.

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If you are a Christian who is satisfied by the conventional views of heaven and hell, don’t read this book. However, if you feel there are more possibilities for the afterlife than streets of gold and fiery infernos, Can Reincarnation and “Near Death Experiences” Be Christian? Just might include the answers you’ve been seeking. What if:

  • the Bible contains the possibility of an intermediate and temporary place, a tarrying place for continuing life?
  • the Bible shows that some human spirits have returned from that intermediate place throughout human history?
  • the “living soul” of Genesis, the one inspired by God’s immortal “breath of life,” is the spirit of consciousness that survives the body — as some recent neuroscience research indicates?
  • the Bible and Christian believing already contain the possibility for a reprieve, for a purifying process — a place where we meet and recognize other individuals?
  • the forgiveness of “seventy times seven” required by God is offered by God? Wouldn’t that open the door to more opportunities, many stages of progress?


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