Atheism, Science and Me


ALAIN F. CORCOS is a retired professor of botany. His previous books are Mendel, Genes and You; Race and Difference Among Us; Biological Experiments and Ideas; Race and You; Gregor Mendel’s Experiments on Plant Hybrids: A Guided Study (with Floyd V. Monaghan); The Myth of Human Races; Four Short True Stories of a French Family; The Myth of the Jewish Race: A Biologist’s Point of View; The Little Yellow Train: Survival and Escape from Nazi France (June 1940 – March 1944); and Who Is a Jew? Thoughts of a Biologist: An Essay Dedicated to the Jewish and Non-Jewish Victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

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Alain F. Corcos was raised by a family of nonbelievers. When he grew up and pursued a career in science, he encountered nothing to challenge his lack of faith. In fact, he would have considered his atheism completely unremarkable if not for the reactions he confronted again and again:

  – How can you be moral when you don’t believe in God?
– If you know you can’t prove God doesn’t exist, doesn’t that make you agnostic?
– Aren’t you afraid of death?

In Atheism, Science, and Me, Dr. Corcos reminisces about satisfying his thirst for knowledge through research rather than religious doctrine or philosophy. While he has no interest in “converting” anybody to atheism, the good-natured enthusiasm with which he presents his worldview conveys the joys of a life unencumbered by religion.


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