An American Woman in Pakistan: Memories of Mangla Dam


Irene Aylworth Douglass enjoyed a thirty-year career in real estate and is now following her life-long desire to write from her home in Northern California. She also loves music, singing in a choral music group, and traveling.

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In 1962, Irene Aylworth Douglass’s husband burst in the door with incredible news. His company had won a bid to build Mangla Dam … in West Pakistan! This would be the world’s largest compacted earth dam, in a remote location far from the source of supply. With images of exotic locales and visions of travel in her head, Irene welcomed the opportunity to embark on an adventure.

Nothing could have prepared her for the reality of life in Pakistan. Most of the women covered themselves with burqas and did not appear in public. Male superiority and male dominance were so ingrained that Irene couldn’t discipline her two-year-old son without repercussions. Children begged in the street while those who needed a servant class to maintain their lifestyle opposed universal education. And yet, despite the clash of cultures, Irene was overwhelmed by the warmth, friendship, and hospitality of the individuals she and her family encountered.

An American Woman in Pakistan: Memories of Mangla Dam is a fascinating account that takes us behind the veil of an enigmatic, complex society.


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