An Introduction to Trans/DSD Athletes


Anthony J. Catanese, MD, is a board-certified urologist who has been practicing medicine for over forty years. He completed his residency at New York University/Bellevue. In addition to adult and pediatric urology, he is also trained in emergency medicine and sports medicine. He is a Fellow of the American College and the International College of Surgeons as well as a member of the American College of Sports Medicine.

One of Dr. Catanese’s greatest skills as a physician has been his ability to explain difficult topics. This book’s purpose is to introduce information on a difficult subject to the sports community so that informed, intelligent, and nonemotional discussions can be had.

Catanese is also the author of The Medical Care of the Judoka: A Guide to Medical Problems in Judo, Expanded Edition.

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If you believe that gender is determined solely by genitalia or DNA, you’re probably dead set against anyone with a Y chromosome competing in women’s sports. The issue is clear, you feel, because testosterone—along with the muscular development it promotes—gives these athletes an unfair advantage.

But the reality is more nuanced.

In An Introduction to Trans/DSD Athletes, Anthony J Catanese MD explores this contentious subject in depth, drawing not only on the latest research but also his extensive personal experience in urology and sports medicine. Taking into consideration the influences of biological factors and the demands of specific competitive activities, Dr. Catanese bypasses simple yes-or-no answers to determine whether the inclusion of athletes with gender dysphoria or differences in sexual development is safe for everyone involved and fair to everyone involved.

Informative and thought-provoking, An Introduction to Trans/DSD Athletes is essential reading for sporting officials, physicians, and anyone who is passionate about sports.



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