And America Quaked: A chilling series of visions of a future American catastrophe


Kenneth W. Edwards

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Since the beginning of the new millennium, terrible earthquakes have hit different parts of the globe. These quakes have taken hundreds of thousands of lives and caused great destruction of property. Up to this point, the United States has only been a spectator to these awesome events. At some point—and no one knows when—it will be our turn, and the picture will not be pretty.

According to Kenneth W. Edwards, our time is coming, and it may be soon.

And America Quaked outlines Edwards’s visions for the future, visions received directly from God. You will learn about what will happen, how to prepare, and how to deal with the aftermath.

Can God give man the ability to pull back the curtain of time and peer into the future? Will the events that Edwards has foreseen take place? Read And America Quaked and judge for yourself.


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