Back to the Basics


George W. Banks Jr., DMin

Dr. George W. Banks Jr. is a workshop facilitator and conference speaker. He serves as stewardship specialist for the National Evangelism Training Workshop of America, and as pastor of stewardship studies at the Fellowship Baptist Church of Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas.

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There is a crisis, an ongoing stewardship problem, that affects both clergy and congregations in the average African American church. This “stewardship syndrome condition,” argues Dr. George W. Banks Jr., is due in part to a lack of expository preaching, and a lack of exegetical teaching that uses biblical principles to instruct congregants how to practice good stewardship.

In Back to the Basics: A Holistic Approach to Correcting the Stewardship Crisis in the African American Church, Dr. Banks examines Christian stewardship not only as Scripture presents it, but also as it relates to the whole life of the believer. With numerous biblical references and practical examples, Back to the Basics provides a step-by-step plan for the strengthening of stewardship in both individuals and churches.


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