The Arizona Trail: Passages in Poetry


Steve Chaffee is a retired national park ranger. His poems have appeared in Connection, The Avocet Journal of Nature Poetry, and in Ana Flores’ Poetry of the Wild, an outdoor poetry and art event designed to encourage viewers and readers to walk their local trails while enjoying both poems and art strategically placed along the trail. Chaffee and his wife, Lahna, make their home in Green Valley, Arizona.

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The Arizona Trail: Passages in Poetry celebrates the American wilderness, wildland travel, and the glorious outdoors in recreation and re-creation through the eyes of a poet. Each poem in this book was inspired by sections of the eight-hundred-mile trail that winds its way through some of the most picturesque wilds of Arizona. Through the power of poetic verse, readers will explore the trail’s natural wonders, see glimpses of Arizona history, and have some unforgettable chance encounters with like-minded trekkers who push daylight from dawn to dusk. Each happy voyager will be forever changed.


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