Too Personal for Words: The Invisible Path of Aging — A Book of Narrative Poems


Bonnie Buckley Maldonado is an award-winning poet. She was named the Willa Finalist by Women Writing the West for her 2010 publication, It’s Only Raven Laughing: Fifty Years in the Southwest.

She resides in the mountains near Pinos Altos, New Mexico, with her husband and a collection of rescued dogs and cats. She is a retired professor and dean from Western New Mexico University.

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The older woman can remain an adventurous risk-taker even after a loss of function. Dialogue is possible with the rock she no longer can move, the hole she no longer can dig, and the mountain she no longer can climb. Too Personal for Words documents the shock waves of inevitable change which confront elders. Unacceptable alternatives and obnoxious realities of the aging process are tempered by humor, youthful spontaneity, joy, and delight in small things.


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