Keep a Song in Your Soul Living Life: Little Poems and a Few Pieces of Prose


Jean D. Herrero was a wife, a mother, a graduate nurse, an adventurous world traveler, author, playwright, artist, and a loving individual who believed that, with universal love for one another, world peace was achievable. Of French descent, Jean was born in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, but later resided in Florida and Georgia. In 1974 her husband’s work took them to Saudi Arabia, which turned out to be the key that would unlock the muse in her soul. The experiences of traveling the world and wearing many hats were incredible experiences for her and had a huge impact on her life. Some are locked in her current book The Sands Are Changing under a pseudonym of Jeanne Arlette. Many of her short stories have been published in newspapers, along with several anthologies both in Florida and Georgia. She also wrote an award-wining play, “Georgi and Albert,” and many children’s stories yet to be released.

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Jean Dube Herrero shares her love of life in Keep a Song in Your Soul Living Life: Little Poems and a Few Pieces of Prose. Fighting both breast and colon cancer for many years before she passed away, Jean lived this philosophy before and throughout her heroic battle. The poems included in this compilation reflect the things that were important to her. They mirror a spirit of adventure, imagination, nature, and the strength of love.

Jean’s husband, Louis Herrero, compiled Keep a Song in Your Soul Living Life, not only as a tribute to his loving wife, but also as a way to continue her legacy of reaching out to others with hope and love. With many memories and tears, he went through all of her writings and story ideas, finding tokens of everyday occurrences — her muse for writing — organized on neatly type-written notes, small pieces of scrap paper, posted notes, and envelopes. To this end, she kept every personal letter she had ever received, including letters from Louis while he was serving in the armed forces during the Korean conflict.

Even after seventy years of loving her, Louis discovered more about his wife and her unending capacity for loving others through her writings. Her poems in this book are an expression of her works and thoughts.

One of the greatest gifts Jean left behind through her poetry and prose is the importance of keeping a song in your heart, her love of country, and how love is the prescription for living a blessed life. She expressed this so well in a song title that she composed. “A New World of Love,” which is written as a poem in this book.


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