Golden Soul: Musings of Love


Vima Lamura is a poet, writer, composer, recording and performance vocalist/artist. The ancient-futuristic tone in Vima Lamura’s creative works reflect her background in ancient traditions. Vima’s poetry and voice embrace visionary elements that speak to our hearts and soul.

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Growing up, writing was Vima Lamura’s healing antidote to a difficult and confusing world. Poems, lyrics, and stories flowed effortlessly bringing comfort and wisdom in the throes of trauma and uncertainty.

The creation of Golden Soul came during a pivotal point in her life. A new dimension of creative expression unfolded after two near-death experiences. What happened to her in these experiences brought another level of literary inspiration through poetry.

Vima experiences writing poetry as healing balm in the highest expression of the human spirit, communicating the divine into human and human to the divine. As she writes, her love grows deeper, expressing itself in a meaningful way for others.

There is no denying how the power of poetry impacts collective awakening in these times of global flux … when communion with each other through words from the heart is vital to our evolution and states of enlightened happiness. Creating poetry ushers in a beautiful world the heart knows is possible.


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