My Mother’s Gift: A Celebration of Life and Faith


Thelma MacNeill was born in 1916, the youngest of nine children. Although she had only a high school education, she achieved a successful career working as an executive assistant. Her talent for writing poetry was a gift that she used to glorify God.

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My mother, the late Thelma MacNeill, became a born-again Christian in the early 1970s, embracing her newfound faith with zeal and joy. At around the same time, she was pleased to discover a new gift for writing poetry. When she mentioned her poetry to her minister, he asked her to write a poem each week for the Sunday church bulletin known as the Bethany Bell. Many of the poems in this book originally appeared on the front page of the Bethany Bell.

This book is a testament to the special gifts each of us has in this life. Enjoy the journey.


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