From Life to Life: A Collection of Poetry and Prose


Elton Buller earned his forestry/conservation degree and worked for the US Forestry Services and the Washington State Patrol.

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Growing up in Pomeroy, Washington, in the 1960s, Elton Buller led a blessed life. He was an outstanding athlete and earned four-year letters in the three sports: baseball, basketball, and football. He was senior class president, voted Mr. Senior, king of the freshmen-to-senior prom, president of the teenage club, and captain of the football team. His parents owned a bowling lanes business where he was active in leagues, starred in Washington state bowling tournaments, and bowled five perfect games.

Two weeks before he would complete his first year of college at Eastern Washington State University in 1968 he was involved in a major auto accident. His best friend was killed, and the EMTs thought he was dead. He lay in a deep coma for a month, and the medical staff told his parents he would probably be a vegetable the rest of his life.

Over the next several months, he fell in and out of a comatose status. Upon regaining consciousness, he had lost the ability to walk and talk. After several months of therapy, these attributes slowly came back, but it took many years to fully recover from his injuries.

From Life to Life: A Collection of Poetry and Prose takes readers along the author’s journey of healing to living a fulfilling life. His strength and determination shine through his writing and will leave readers with a renewed sense of purpose.


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