Growing Lavender and Other Poems


Iris Lee Underwood was born in Kentucky but grew up in Michigan where she married and raised her three daughters. She is a freelance writer and conducts writing workshops throughout the Detroit Metro area and nationally. Writing Your Legacy (visit is her trademark journal writing workshop, designed to help others write their legacy and realize their writing potential. She’s passionate about gardening, delights in travel, and resides in Leonard, Michigan, with her husband and two daughters.

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More than a book of poems on gardening and the art of living, Growing Lavender and Other Poems is a collection to be savored: a modern woman’s Walden that chronicles Iris’s journey through everyday joys and loss. There is delight in the heady scent of lavender, seeing a smiling “black dog racing” and recognizing “you’ve seen something amazing in this crazy world.” There is also sorrow of a lost blue-eyed child and a mother with Alzheimer’s who concludes, “There’s too much to remember.” Iris’s quieted mind speaks courage and beauty to everyone who has ever lost a loved one or cherished a garden.


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