Blame: A Casey Portman Novel


Linda Rocker has worked for more than thirty-five years as a trial lawyer and a judge in Ohio’s highest trial court. As a litigator, she has argued before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Not since Anatomy of a Murder has a former judge and trial lawyer taken the reader for such a close-up look behind the bench and the bar—places where the public is forbidden.

Here’s an enthralling legal thriller written from the birds-eye view of a distinguished veteran.

A young man dies of a drug overdose and everybody, especially his mother, is looking for someone to blame. His fiancée blames herself, the very ambitious prosecutor blames the pain doctor who wrote the script, but no one expects the blame game to turn to murder.

A respected doctor fights for his life in this explosive trial and bailiff Casey Portman finds out the hard way that sometimes victims blame themselves, while the prosecutor bends the rules of law to unseat the presiding judge.

Set in West Palm Beach, Blame brings back the popular Casey Portman from Rocker’s first novel, Punishment: A Legal Thriller, and introduces unforgettable new characters.


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