Shadow Revolution: Code Name – Operation Achilles


Will Edwinson grew up in rural Southeast Idaho during the 1940s. He made his living on the family farm in Southeast Idaho as a dry land farmer raising barley and wheat, always holding onto the dream he harbored for most of his life—that of being a writer. Will was also a semi-professional singer, performing on stages from Sun Valley, Idaho, to Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Edwinson, author of numerous blog posts and four books, is an award winning storyteller and columnist, His second book, Buddy … His Trials and Treasures, won first place in a statewide competition, and second at the national level.

His nostalgia column, written under another name, won second and first place awards in two separate competitions sponsored by the Utah-Idaho-Spokane Associated Press Association.

The author currently lives in Tucson, Arizona.

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What would life be like if there were a twenty-first-century style revolution and civil war in the United States? Titus Coppard and the revolutionists are fed up with government over regulation and encroachment into their private lives. An exodus to eighteen Western states by these like-minded people ensues, and these states secede from the Union in one block to form the new “Free States of America.” A civil war develops when the old United States declares war on the new Free States. But, the US has a vulnerable spot. The Free States unleash their secret weapon, taking the old United States by surprise, putting them instantly into a pre-1900 lifestyle.


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