The Baytown Snatchings


Jake Corner is also the author of Shadows from the Past. This is his second novel. He was born in Prichard, Alabama, and now lives in Seattle. Please visit his website at

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James Platt has seen it all in life. From roaming the urban streets of Harlem to witnessing the violent horrors of World War I, he is a survivor. Then one day his sister Jessica writes him a letter that changes his life forever. African Americans in his rural southern hometown are mysteriously disappearing, and James nearly lost his mother.

The town of Hendersonville, Alabama, represents nothing but pain for James, who has spent a lifetime running from the memories of his troubled roots and abusive father. Now James must leave his life as a professional bodyguard in New York City to save his family from the brutal forces that haunt their vulnerable community. James learns that the evil behind the disappearances involves a terrible crime, a murderous cover-up, and a cruel legacy of institutionalized bigotry. In his pursuit of justice, James discovers that, for the disenfranchised, fairness is elusive and the past is often irreconcilable.

In his thrilling and emotional examination of the impact of racism on individuals and society, author Jake Corner reveals disturbing truths about the susceptibility of human nature to our darker instincts and insecurities. This moving story celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the power of forgiveness to free ourselves from the past.


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