Night Riders in the Tallgrass


Mo Griffin

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Once a lawman, always a lawman

Ty McCord is a flint-hard lawman hell-bent on outrunning a dangerous and often violent past. He travels on a long journey that takes him through Texas and eventually to the far reaches of the lawless Kansas frontier. His plan is straightforward. A quiet new life as a rancher will begin when he arrives in the remote and sparsely settled ocean of Kansas prairie grass.

As he works his way along in the rugged territory, Ty’s designs for a peaceful existence are soon set upon by his years of wearing a badge. Nearly a year following his arrival in the tallgrass he weds Liz, a refined and headstrong beauty. Abruptly their world is bushwhacked by a band of military-style horse thieves preying on the prairie ranches. In no time a desperate shorthanded marshal begs Ty for his help in putting an end to the night-riding raiders and the threat of angry ranchers taking matters into their own hands. Against the dead set wishes of Liz and their new child Ty reluctantly agrees to join Marshall Seward’s failing struggle to bring the savage outlaws to justice. In due time the raids become personal and deadly.


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