WAYNE HAMMER became fascinated with Maya culture when he toured ruins in Honduras, Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala; however, it was a series of discussions with a geneticist about how DNA markers are inherited that crystallized the premise for this book. Wayne lives in Tucson, Arizona, with his wife, Sandy. For more information, visit

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After fighting in a dirty little war against rebel insurgents, Michael Duchesne returns to the United States with an adopted son and a secret that could tear his family apart. In an effort to keep them safe, he severs all ties with his military past, building a successful career as a civil engineer. But past and present collide when Michael’s daughter is kidnapped by an old enemy. To free her, Michael must go back to the jungles of Central America and search for el Registro de Dios, a telling record of man’s evolution hidden from the world for two thousand years.

Joining him in the quest is his son, Mitch, whose tiny variation in molecular DNA is responsible for startling changes. Only Dr. Herman Walenz, a rogue scientist under siege by his peers, knows the full impact the mutation will have on the future of mankind. To validate Walenz’s research and unlock the growing genomic mystery, the Duchesnes must evade a deathtrap and recover the Registro. What they discover will send shockwaves through the scientific community and constitute a full-scale assault on Darwin’s theory of evolution.


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