The Sands Are Changing


Jeanne Arlette

Jeanne Arlette has had her stories published in literary books, newspaper articles, and has received several writing awards. Living in a foreign country for many years turned the key that unlocked the muse in her soul to write this novel. She loves discovering different cultures and has traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East.

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When married couple, Lilli, an archaeologist, and Frank, a corporate executive, move to Saudi Arabia in 1975, they become immersed in this ancient, undeveloped country. They are mesmerized by a foreign culture so different from their own, especially with its radical mores and oppressive social attitudes toward women.

After many years living in the land of sand, Frank tragically disappears and Christian Lilli develops a forbidden relationship with a handsome Muslim man. The love affair must be kept secret to avoid discovery by religious police.

Filled with intrigue, drama, and eventually peril, The Sands Are Changing is the engaging story of Lilli’s relationships with two very different men. It is also an eye-opening narrative about a culture and now modern country that is misunderstood around the world. Author Jeanne Arlette does a superb job of recreating the Saudi culture as seen through American eyes. Inspired by the author’s own life, The Sands Are Changing is a romantic adventure novel in a journey through time with a surprise ending.


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