Build Your Dream: 12 Essential Tools for Successful Living


Byron E. Thompson

Byron Thompson’s major purpose in life is to assist the maximum number of people in achieving their full potential. His lifelong quest has enabled him to identify the critical factors that contribute to individual achievement and happiness.

During his career as a Dale Carnegie franchisee, he trained over twenty-five thousand people in the skills needed for successful living. This book contains the practical, proven techniques for achieving success…as you define it.

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Live Your Dream Now!

Would you like to have the rules and tools for designing and achieving your ideal life? It’s all here, complete with the action steps necessary to make it happen—fast! You’ll discover how to:

  • Live an even more rewarding life
  • Find your purpose in life
  • Use the power of thought to create your future
  • Set goals in the important areas of your life
  • Use treasure mapping and affirmations to achieve your goals
  • Understand and control the barriers and distractions
  • Develop habits of keeping a journal and writing notes of appreciation
  • Recognize the value and importance of people
  • Understand our own and others’ motivations
  • Appreciate the value of self-direction and self-management


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