Energize Your Life: Tap into Your Energy Reserves and Live in Each Moment


Paul Thompson has been motivating and inspiring people for many years, both personally and professionally. A former sergeant in the US Marine Corps and a Vietnam veteran, Paul works with organizations in providing assistance and guidance to wounded and disabled veterans. He has served as the senior vice president of CJM Planning Corporation and is the CEO/president of his own consulting company, Thompson & Thompson Consulting, Inc. He is also a professional motivational speaker, and has trained numerous people to be financial consultants who care.

Paul is a father of four and grandfather of ten. He is the author of For My Grandchild, a book of poetry inspired by his grandchildren. Paul currently lives in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, with his wife of forty-six years, Karen, and is working on book number three.

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Paul R. Thompson is a nationally acclaimed public speaker and motivator, successful financial planner, and small business owner. In this book, Energize Your Life, Paul has compiled stories of insightful, inspirational ways that he has found to motivate and energize people around him through positive thoughts and ideas, as well as successful methods to build up energy levels. Also included are his own personal experiences with motivation and energy on his way to becoming a successful business owner. Energize Your Life will not only help you to increase your energy levels, but will also make you feel positive in all aspects of your life.


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