What It Takes: A Teacher’s Thoughts on Living an Extraordinary Life


Jaime Richards

During the past seven years, Jaime Richards has written his “What It Takes” column for the Fremont-Newark-Union City Argus. His insights come from twenty-plus years of teaching students at every level. He has taught elementary, junior high, high school, adult school, and special education. He has coached basketball and volleyball and is an experienced martial artist and martial arts instructor.Jaime’s wife, Norma, teaches first grade. His daughters, Kyrra and Kylene, are both UCLA Bruins. Jaime lives, works, plays, and writes in Fremont, California.

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As a daughter, you tend to view your father as the “smartest man in the world. However, I am luckier than most because, as my permanent teacher, Jaime Richards has taught me that knowledge is a cycle of challenging, questioning, and redefining your own perceptions. His columns are written examples of his teaching method, encouraging students to focus on THE PURPOSE of what it means to be successful. I take his words to heart and hope I can make him as proud of me as I am of him.
– Kyrra Richards

In high school, many of my dad’s former students, as well as teachers, would approach me in the hallways telling me how much they loved Mr. Richards’ column that day. I, without a doubt, always agreed. His columns reflect the passionate and loving man that he is. Not only his students, but adults admire him as a teacher and as a friend. Still, I know that as his daughter, I will always be his biggest fan.

– Kylene Richards


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