Encouraging Words for All Seasons


Iris Lee Underwood was born in Kentucky but grew up in Michigan where she married and raised her three daughters. She is a freelance writer and conducts writing workshops throughout the Detroit Metro area and nationally. Writing Your Legacy (visit irislee.org) is her trademark journal writing workshop, designed to help others write their legacy and realize their writing potential. She’s passionate about gardening, delights in travel, and resides in Leonard, Michigan, with her husband and two daughters.

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This book is about finding encouragement in all seasons of life. Iris Lee Underwood encourages the reader to embrace each season for its particular benefits: to find love, joy and peace where hate, despair and strife prevail. She believes if we learn to see with our spiritual eyes, if we keep the eyes of our souls open, fear will diminish and failure will turn to opportunity because we have embraced courage. Journey with Iris as she encourages you to dream your dreams and seek your treasure no matter what season of life you find yourself in. From season to season, year to year, become an observer and participant in life through the power of encouragement.


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