Addictions and Family Healing: Strategies That Work


Barbara Fredricks

Barbara F. was a special education teacher and resource specialist during the early part of her son’s alcoholism and drug addiction. In time, her son’s addictions changed her focus to the field of substance abuse rehabilitation. At that time, her husband, Bob, was director of Operation Cork, a foundation funded by the Kroc family, who contributed generously to the substance abuse recovery field. Together, Bob and Barbara opened and operated their own substance abuse treatment center, one of the early pioneers of host living inpatient treatment. Barbara specialized in family issues. She later worked for the state of Texas as a licensure and compliance officer, working with substance abuse treatment centers and in-prison programs in the southern half of that state. Most recently, they completed four years on the island of Maui, working as substance abuse counselors, where Barbara continued to specialize in family issues.

Bob and Barbara presently live in Tucson, Arizona, where both continue to work in the substance abuse recovery field. Barbara also does personal coaching and education for people who are dealing with addiction issues within the family or in other personal relationships.

Anyone who would like contact Barbara or contribute their personal story of encouragement to be included in an upcoming book on the miracles of family recovery may contact her at

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“I’m a better person than you are because I forgive you for ruining my life!”

“Me ruining YOUR life!” I screeched at my twenty-six-year-old son. “What do you think has been happening to MY life since you were fifteen years old?”

A slight smirk spread over his face as I sputtered on about the sacrifices I had made for him, how hard I’d worked, how much love and care he’d been given. He knew I’d been hooked and reeled back into the dance.

This is the story of one family’s experience with a loved one’s irresponsible, painful, unpredictable behavior—and the path that led that family to sanity. Filled with both personal accounts and proven methods from the author’s experience as a specialist in the drug and alcohol recovery field, this guide has helped hundreds of families heal and reclaim their lives.


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