City Planning: How Citizens Can Take Control


Connor Murphy is a former “Alinsky organizer,” like President Barack Obama, and a long-time city planner who is tired of seeing good people defeated time and time again by fast-talking developers who bully city halls into approving projects that disfigure neighborhoods, overload schools, and eat away the essence of community. His other books include Fight City Hall and Win and Common Sense Zoning.

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The purpose of long-range urban planning is to set aside the most appropriate locations for future land uses. Unfortunately, power brokers use this planning process to position their own land holdings to become the most profitable locations. And planning professionals often come up with unimaginative, cookie-cutter solutions.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little knowledge and the willingness to get involved, ordinary citizens can take back control. Thanks to author Connor Murphy’s book City Planning: How Citizens Can Take Control, anyone can learn how to become active in the city planning process. After all, a plan is nothing more than plotting out the steps needed to reach a goal. City Planning will educate you on important elements you need to know about the following kinds of city plans:

•    General
•    Limited
•    Specific
•    Redevelopment
•    Preservation

City Planning: How Citizens Can Take Control will not only give you the knowledge you need, but it will also teach you how to apply your newfound planning knowledge to make a real difference in your community.


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