Ctrl Alt Delete: Democracy in Reboot by Dennis Ondrejka


Dennis Ondrejka, PhD, D.div (h), RN,  APN continues to work as a hospice bereavement counselor and teaches part-time at a Colorado university.  He is also president of Ctrl Atl Delete, LLC and lives in Vail,  Arizona. His recent engagement with the US Constitution has grown from a deepening concern that citizens don’t really know what the Constitution says, as well as living in a democracy that has failed in so many ways.

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Ctrl Alt Delete: Democracy in Reboot pushes its readers to become aware of what has not been working in our democracy. Some will be curious, and some readers will want to be a part of the change. Either way, this book will serve you. If Congress, the Supreme Court, or the presidency have lost credibility in your world, you will want to read this book. Many are puzzled how a democratic republic could do all the things the United States has done over time and still be called a democracy. The Constitution is a confusing document, and author Dennis Ondrejka believes it is misunderstood or not followed and has failed many citizens throughout history. If you are confused or angry about the way our country is going, then this book is for you. You will see our foundational failures and examine ways to make recommendations for change. A blog will also be provided for public comment and recommendations.


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