Common Sense Zoning: Practical Solutions for Smaller Cities


As a city planner, Connor Murphy has dedicated his fifty-year career to helping people understand the technical complexities of public planning.

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When zoning and subdivision ordinances were created in the early 1900s they were two distinct governmental functions. But failure to combine them led to jurisdictions writing contradictory regulations.

Author Connor Murphy looks at the standard way subdivision and zoning are presented as separate code titles in most land use regulations then combines the regulations into a single code title — effectively solving long-standing problems planners have encountered.

Common Sense Zoning makes the planning process accessible and transparent for those who wish to create a more livable future. Professional city planners and others can easily understand land use regulations that:

  • simplify Euclidian zoning
  • make sense to people who lack expertise in zoning
  • clearly explain the decision-making process
  • invite ordinary people to participate in governance
  • protect communities from scoundrels

Common Sense Zoning provides guidance to the 34,000 small governments that can’t afford to hire pricey outside consultants or pay millions to update their land use regulations.


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