Color with a Twist: Understanding the Science of Color for Artists


Debi Pettigrew is an experienced commercial and fine artist and art instructor. She earned her bachelor of arts from the College of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Central Oklahoma. She has won several art awards and is well-known for her work in pastels. Her work can be viewed at

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Why is the sky blue? Why do mountains appear purple from far away? Why are sunsets so brilliant in color? What is color anyway?

If you have ever pondered these questions, you are not alone. Color is an intriguing phenomenon, easily explained by science. As a professional artist and art instructor, Debi connects the dots between science and art by using light science as a teaching tool to answer all these questions and more in Color with a Twist: Understanding the Science of Color for Artists.

[Debi’s] science of color made a lot of sense to me. In practice, it was easy to implement onto the canvas. I owe many thanks to Ms. Deb for guiding me to where I am today as an artist.” –Al Kivitt

“Debi is an amazing instructor of multi mediums . . . Her book is equally educational, focusing on the science of color that all students will benefit from and enjoy owning.” –Pam Randolph


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