Unique Vessels: How Do You Make These Things?


Edwin K. Hill

Dr. Hill lived his early childhood on a dry land ranch, assembling complicated contraptions from the boneyard of retired farming equipment and constructing carpentry projects that utilized scraps of wood and rusty nails.

School opened up new vistas for him as he learned to work with power tools and a variety of new materials and developed his artistic awareness. Entering college at Eastern Washington University with a basketball scholarship in his pocket and a dream of engineering in mind, he soon found his way to the industrial arts department. There was little doubt in the direction of his future when it became clear that he could continue his love affair with hands-on creations and enjoy the benefits of the education profession.

Throughout his career he taught industrial arts and education at all levels, from elementary grades through university graduate study. His masters and doctorate degrees, both from Washington State University, are in education.

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Throughout the ages vessels have been made not only for functional purposes, but also for creative expression. We see priceless examples of these vessels in museums, all made from natural substances.

In modern times, this type of artistry has largely been replaced with disposable vessels made from synthetic materials. Tucson artist Edwin K. Hill has dedicated thirty years of his life to changing this. He has helped bring the Southwest into the artistic world by creating unique vessels inspired by and made from the natural surroundings of Southern Arizona.

With this colorful, step-by-step guide, you too can create amazing vessels from nature.


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