Competing for Kids: 21 Customer Service Concepts Public Schools Can Use to Retain and Attract Students


Kelly E. Middleton is the superintendent of Newport Public Schools in Northern Kentucky. He regularly speaks, trains, and consults with educators across the country. He has thirty years of experience in education and is the coauthor of two other books on customer service in public schools.

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When was the last time you reflected on the quality of customer service your school gives to your students?

As alternate forms of education become more prominent, public education faces the challenge of losing its best and brightest students to the competition.

Competing for Kids is a full-service manual for giving great customer service throughout your school district. By implementing the concepts in this book, public schools can become more appealing and more successful in retaining and attracting students.

Competing for Kids teaches:

  • How the best companies use customer service to compete at the highest level
  • How these twenty-one business concepts can help public schools better compete with other forms of education
  • How to develop a district-wide customer service plan for all staff members working in the public school arena


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