Creatures of Light: Book One — The Awakening


Johnny Raye is the author of the Creatures of Light book series. The Awakening is book one of the series.

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Chance Jordan’s life seems perfect. As the son of a wealthy businessman, he attends an elite college prep high school and wants for nothing. Yet, in the final months of his senior year, he begins to feel as though something is missing — something that echoes from a hole deep inside himself. So, when the Fates push him together with a mysterious girl named Marina, his life is forever altered. A love that feels as though it has burned for an eternity lights anew, and she becomes his world.

But Chance and Marina were never supposed to meet, and their reignited love threatens a well-laid plan in the battle for control of the source of celestial power. As their love grows, they discover who and what they are and find themselves entangled in a war between forces not so easily divided into good and evil. Now they must choose: save the universe, or save their love. Unless they can find another way.



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