Molly’s Milestone


Marly’s Beider is the author of Fateful ParallelsContinuum, and I Am Here. Born and raised in Hannover, Germany, she currently divides her time between Chicago and Tucson.

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“Prepare to be captivated by the gripping tale of a secretive and powerful family, unbreakable bonds, and one woman’s determination to confront the truth no matter the cost.”

—Kelsey Sutton, editor

“For those who enjoy a true thriller, Molly’s Milestone will keep you on the edge of your seat. … Never has the difference between good and evil been such fun to read.”

—Barbara Heinz

Molly’s Milestone demonstrates the value and the ability to overcome unforeseen challenges. Marlys evokes strong emotions through complex characters you are forced to love or hate.”

—Madison Ranow

Molly’s Milestone is the most captivating and enthralling story I’ve read in a while. A real page-turner and a heart-pounding read. Amazing story from beginning to end. Expect the unexpected!”

—Ursula Pillar

Thirty-year-old Molly Miraldo is trapped in a shroud of amnesia caused by a traumatic accident at the age of four. Raised by her narcissistic grandfather and philandering father, she relies on their words as they insist her mother and twin perished under mysterious circumstances soon after they abandoned her.

Everything changes when an enigmatic phone call disrupts Molly’s fragile existence; a voice from the past reveals her mother and twin are alive. But as she embarks on a journey of truth, the illusions—carefully constructed around her—shatter and fragments of a forgotten childhood begin to surface. When she realizes her grandfather and father orchestrated a web of deceit to hide their own crimes, a tapestry of horrors and secrets emerges. Molly’s quest to reclaim her stolen memories not only unearths the sinister motives behind her family’s lies but, as each layer peels away, the truth is more devastating than the memories she longs to recover.  Will she find redemption, or will darkness consume her as she navigates the painful path to self-discovery?

Molly’s Milestone is a gripping psychological mystery, exploring family and the treasures awaiting those who dare to pursue its challenging truths.


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